Boost | the development | of your company

Develop your company through Business Coaching!

Develop your company for success in the Business Coaching (8 study credits / 15 competence points). You will be able to create the goals for developing your company and a learning plan for yourself together with your coach. Together, you will also create content that best serves your business.

  • You will have access to proven tools built by professionals.
  • We will help you accelerate the growth of your company, if you so wish.
  • You will receive customised, personal coaching.
  • You will find suitable funding channels for your company.
  • Flexible facility solutions.
  • Plenty of silent knowledge you will not hear from your friends.
  • Efficient networks.
  • Entrepreneur peers and alumni, peer support.
  • Support for your performance through digital coaching (e.g. sleep, recovery, nutrition).
  • Your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur will improve.

You can apply for the Business Coaching continuously by contacting the respective contact person in your institute.


Suvi Salminen

Core competence: 

Talent for listening, being present and walking alongside others



Suvi is strong in creating a passion for entrepreneurship. Suvi knows how to help students identify their strengths and find their dreams. Her background is in occupational therapy and she has worked both as an employee and as an entrepreneur. Through these experiences, Suvi has gained her internal and external entrepreneurial skills, sometimes learning things the hard way. At JAMK, Suvi promotes the working life skills and entrepreneurial capabilities among students, and her motto is “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” (George Bernard Shaw)

Suvi Salminen

lecturer and entrepreneurship coordinator, the School of Health and Social Studies JAMK


Mari Suoranta

Mari Suoranta

research professor, University of Jyväskylä


Petrikki Tukiainen