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Idea to business

Idea to Business -course (5 cr)

Every one of us has a great idea now and then. And some of us have surely wondered whether that idea could be turned into a profitable business. Could my idea become a business?

Our job during the coaching course is to help you identify whether your idea has business potential and help you refine the idea towards establishing a business. At the same time, our team of coaches will help you understand business and its potential and demands.

Wo can apply? 

  • Students, researchers and staff members of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and University of Jyväskylä.
  • Students of GRADIA Jyväskylä Educational Consortium, if taking part of the EduFutura program. 
  • JYU* and JAMK alumni within one year of graduation.

* Students of University of Jyväskylä, graduating after 1.8.2023 are allowed to apply for Idea to Business course, Business Coaching  and Product development funding even after two years of graduation. Remember to seek for alumni study rights from your own establishment.

Why should you apply?

  • You will get sparring and support for your business idea from the teacher coaches.
  • You will receive 5 study credits or 15 competence points from sparring your idea.
  • You will get support for reviewing your idea, and help from both the tools and the coaches.
  • You will be able to perform and give presentations several times during the course.
  • You will get comprehensive feedback on your idea in connection with your presentations.
  • A chance for product development funding, €500–1,000 per idea.
ideasta yritykseksi



Create your own working life!

The same Idea to Business -coaching is implemented in several different ways. Choose the most suitable option for you:

  • 10 meetings (once per week)
  • in English (meetings once per week)
  • five-week summer coaching (meetings twice per week)
  • online coaching (includes web meetings)


The coaching will be carried out based on the needs and wishes of the group’s business ideas.

Between these workshops, you will be able to do assignments that are related to developing your business idea. The objective of the coaching course is that the planning of your business progresses and is refined during the course.

The workshop themes are:

Describing the product/service idea
Views of potential customers
Initial review of the market situation
Initial profitability calculation
Business plan
Reviewing one’s own entrepreneurial capabilities

Experiences of Idea to Business coaching

"I highly recommend the coaching for individuals whose business idea has already progressed beyond the initial brainstorming phase! The most useful materials were the product-customer matrix, estimation of sales workload, sales budget, and cash flow."

Course feedback2021
"In the early stages of my business idea, I had to consider aspects such as packaging and production in order to even offer my product for sale. After that, my goal was to cautiously explore the opportunities for the product. I was aware that the operations needed to become more professional. For that, I needed guidance, which the Idea to Business coaching provided effectively."
Course feedback2020
"The framework created by the coaches for discussion and interaction during the course was excellent, and in my opinion, it is the key to the success of this course: 10+!"
Course feedback2020

"The tools used in the course were good, the teachers were encouraging, and our group was nice. I recommend the course if you have any interest in entrepreneurship."

Ida TaskinenMaster of Economic Sciences | Jyväskylän Yliopisto

"I also recommend the course to other students. Through the Idea to Business coaching, we got interesting insights into what is happening in the business world of Jyväskylä and who to contact regarding different matters. Diverse contacts are important in the business world."

Katri KeskinenNurse and clinical expert, Master of Healthcare | JAMK

"This was the best course I have taken through the university. It was practical, and we actually did the things that were taught. I highly recommend the coaching to anyone interested in entrepreneurship, who has some expertise or an idea that can be turned into a business!"

Lue Lassin kokemuksia opiskelun ja yrittäjyyden yhdistämisestä!

Lassi Mustonenstudent | Jyväskylän yliopisto

How has the Idea to Business coaching been useful?

Lassi Mustonen, who operated as a part-time entrepreneur while studying, refined his existing business idea through the coaching:

"The business idea was initially in place, and it was further refined during the coaching, which led me to establish a sole proprietorship. I also acquired my first clients through the same course!"



Lotta Söderblom, a nurse entrepreneur, sought validation for the viability of her business idea through the "Idea to Business" coaching:

"The coaching helped me critically examine my own idea and differentiate myself from competitors. I gained a lot of confidence in my business idea through the coaching and also learned about aspects such as financial management for a company."


Santtu Tuviala, who works in sports marketing, gained the tools and readiness for entrepreneurship that he was looking for through the " Idea to Business" coaching:

"The coaching provided me with the readiness and tools for entrepreneurship, and it helped me better understand what entrepreneurship entails. The coaching also assisted in refining my business idea."


Sari Laakso, an agricultural student, sought out the "Idea to Business" coaching to develop her business idea:

"The best aspects of the coaching were the personal assistance that I received at the right time for developing my business idea and the feedback provided by others."

Idea to Business coaching

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply to Idea to Business coaching? The coaching is open to students, researchers, staff members, and alumni of JAMK University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä within one year of graduation. Students studying at Gradia through the EduFutura cross-enrollment program are also eligible to apply. Additionally, individuals from other parts of Finland can apply to the coaching through Open University and Open University of Applied Sciences.
Can individuals who are not studying at JAMK or the University of Jyväskylä also apply for the Idea to Business coaching program?

You can participate in the Idea to Business coaching program through the Open University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) if your home institution is other than JAMK or the University of Jyväskylä.

In this case, you need to register for the desired implementation through both the Yritystehdas website and the Open University's website. This is because we use parallel systems. The course is chargeable for Open University students, costing 75 euros.

Please see the upcoming Idea to Business implementations.

How to join:

  1. Register for the desired implementation and select "other organization, I will complete the coaching through the Open University" as your organization. You will receive further instructions from the coaches of the program.

  2. Register for the corresponding implementation on JAMK's website as well. Register for the desired implementation:

Read more information about Open University fees.

For further inquiries:

For the Open University:
Päivi Patja
+358 40 576 7839

For the Open University of Applied Sciences:
Suvi Salminen
+358 50 372 2678

How long does the coaching last?

The Idea to Business coaching program offers multiple start dates throughout the year, and there are several implementation options available for you to choose from:

  • 10-week coaching program in Finnish. Meetings take place approximately once a week, both online and in-person.
  • 10-week coaching program in English. Meetings take place approximately once a week, both online and in-person.
  • Year-long coaching program in Finnish. Meetings take place approximately once a month.
  • 5-week summer coaching program in Finnish. Meetings take place approximately twice a week.
  • Digital coaching program in Finnish. Complete the coaching program entirely online, according to your own schedule.

You can find the start dates for the coaching programs on the Idea to Business website.

How can I apply?
  1. Choose the implementation method and start date that suits you best on the Idea to Business event page.
  2. Fill out the application form for your chosen implementation and embark on the journey towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams!