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What is the Startup Factory?

The Startup Factory in a nutshell

The Startup Factory is an incubator where the best initial-stage business ideas are grown into successful companies in cooperation with educational institutes.

The Startup Factory is a meeting place for entrepreneurs. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship is always welcome at the joint facilities of the Startup Factory. We are building the startup community and creating the spirit of entrepreneurship around us.

WHY? We exist to encourage more companies to be established in Jyväskylä, to introduce a more entrepreneurial attitude to workplaces and attract many enthusiastic students to the entrepreneurship courses of educational institutes.
WHAT? We coach business ideas into successful companies and create the prerequisites for entrepreneurs. Our number one duty is to coach individual people, teams and startups alike to make their dreams into reality.
HOW? High-quality, customised training for startup entrepreneurs at their initial stages through the incubator and through educational institute coaching intended for business ideas and companies of educational institutes.

For people with the ideas and will to become growth entrepreneurs, i.e. owners of ideas and entrepreneurs in Jyväskylä and the people of Jyväskylä’s educational institutes.

The educational institutes are the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jyväskylä. Remember to also check out the courses of the Open Universities and whether you are eligible for our coaching eve


In Jyväskylä, in Finland, globally online everywhere in the world.

We coach hundreds of ideas from all kinds of people into successful companies

The Startup Factory’s philosophy

Our most important duty is to coach you on how to make your dreams come true. Our team will ensure as smooth journey for you as possible and the process works, which means that you can focus on refining your own product or service idea with the help of experts. We do everything we can to help companies be born and grow towards international markets. We are breaking boundaries by bringing together professional and academic experts.

We inspire people to take up entrepreneurship so that more and more people can find their inner entrepreneur. The Startup Factory offers strong entrepreneurship skills and access to a network of solid professionals. We believe that ‘things just won’t work without entrepreneurship’. We create new opportunities for entrepreneurs because society is built on entrepreneurship. We encourage people to try things and learn from their mistakes.

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What makes us unique?

2. The core of the entrepreneurship ecosystem

We are an important hub in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of Jyväskylä; an active advocate and a platform for developing new business.

Jyväskylä is the sports capital of Finland with affordable housing and business premises costs. The local large institutes of higher education and other educational institutes provide the companies with skilled staff.

2. The core of the entrepreneurship ecosystem
4. Open culture

The Startup Factory has open doors and facilities. Anyone interested in entrepreneurship is welcome to the Startup Factory’s facilities. Our facilities are used by the multidisciplinary client teams, our partners and the entire network. The Startup Factory is building a startup community and creating an entrepreneurial spirit around itself.

4. Open culture
5. Great contacts

The Startup Factory has great contacts with Finnish financers and investors. Together with Venture Development Finland, we bring the financers together in a financing panel, which means that our incubator companies do not need to spend time touring the different investors.

5. Great contacts
6. The first in Finland

Unique cooperation across different educational levels: The Startup Factory is a unique limited liability company in Finland, and the first of its kind: its owners are the  University of Jyväskylä, JAMK and the City of Jyväskylä. Together, we want to break the stereotypes attached to public organisations.

6. The first in Finland
7. You will gain experience

We offer you solid experience of entrepreneurship and access to a network of top professionals. The Startup Factory’s dream is a future where everyone is free to create their own working life. The students will receive real experience of entrepreneurship and get a view of the world of entrepreneurs.

7. You will gain experience

Our values


Our motto is: ‘make your neighbour shine’. We trust in the professional skills of our team and we are sincere. We help each other succeed. #professionality


We are creating a bold, relaxed culture of experimentation for the working life of the future. We create something new every week and develop our concepts. #experimentalculture 


We work to promote profitable growth. We create new opportunities for entrepreneurs because society is built on entrepreneurship. #profitablegrowth

For the best of the client

In our client relationships, we always meet with the people, regardless of the type of the company. People always come first in our work.


We have strong networks. We cherish the strongest expertise, invest in cooperation, make sure we really know each other and learn together. #networks

We are stronger together!

Even though we are all experts here, open cooperation is even more powerful. Below, you can read more about some of the many experts at your service.