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Jarno Mikkonen

Promoting innovative and risk-taking entrepreneurship

Work Life Specialist, entrepreneurship

#productisation #intellectualpropertyrights #brandprotection

Protect your business idea with Jarno's help

Jarno can help you with research and development issues, such as innovation, funding and collaboration. With an extensive knowledge of intellectual property matters, Jarno offers expert guidance on patent, trademark and design protection issues.

Jarno has extensive experience from working in various fields, including roles at numerous universities, research institutes, and startup companies.




Jarno - the idea challenger

Jarno excels in facilitating the execution of research projects and providing guidance on best practices and avoiding pitfalls in research endeavors. 

Intellectual property rights
Brand protection

Innovation from research to product development

Jarno has extensive work experience from universities, research institutes and start-ups.

  Jarno provides guidance on research and product development as well as with patent, trademark and design protection issues.   

Fnd out about Jarno's expertise and see how Jarno can help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

What has been Jarno's greatest lesson in entrepreneuship?

Do what interests and inspires you: inner passion goes a long way. If there's a will, there's a way - you'll find solutions within yourself or around you. 

What is Jarno's superpower?

Laughter, dad jokes and a wooden leg. Bad humor can lighten up even the most serious situations. Even a silver cloud has a lining. 




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Jarno Mikkonen