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Juha Ruuska

Promoting experimental and brave entrepreneurship

PhD, Lecturer, Business Coach

#teamcoaching #servicedesign #research

Find the best solutions for your customers' needs with Juha's help

Juha can help you by providing practical advice and guidance on service development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Juha has extensive experience in coaching teams, developing customer-driven services, service conceptualisation and organisation development.




Juha - the creator of a trusting environment

Juha's strengths include his extensive experience in team coaching and his talent for creating a trusting environment in an organisation.

Team coaching
Service design

Juha encourages you to experiment

Juha has experience in service design, conceptualisation and organisation development as well as fostering a learning culture of collaborative entrepreneurship in the design industry.

  Juha offers help with service development, innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Find out more about Juha's expertise and see how Juha can help you on your entrepreneurial journey!


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Juha Ruuska