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Mikko Keskinen

Promoting innovative entrepreneurship

Business Coach, Lecturer

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Achieve your goals with Mikko's help

Mikko offers assistance in conseptualising products and services as well as in developing business idea strategies. He has a talent for identifying profitable business ideas and can offer guidance on how to achieve your goals. 

Mikko has extensive experience in the technology sector. He has participated in various product development projects and has also been involved in launching services based on new technologies.




Mikko - the enabling pioneer

Mikko's strengths lie in identifying profitable business ideas and applying a financial perspective to everything he does.
Future Factory

Mikko develops business ideas

Mikko has years of experience in the technology sector and has been involved in various product development projects.

  Mikko can help you with conceptualising products and services and developing your business idea.

Find out more about Mikko's expertise and see how Mikko can help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

What has been Mikko's greatest lesson in entrepreneurship?

"If you don't believe in your product or service, no one else will either."

What is Mikko's superpower?

"The ability to innovate."




Contact Mikko!

  +358 50 408 5650

Mikko Keskinen