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Suvi Salminen

Promoting passionate and brave entrepreneurship

Business Coach, Lecturer

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Learn to understand your customers with Suvi's help

Suvi offers expert guidance on how to gain and utilise customer insights for developing  products and services. Wth Suvi's help, you can develop and productise your business idea as well as find your entrepreneurial passion. 

Suvi works as a teacher and coach in entrepreneurship and innovation studies, helping students develop their skills, abilities, and attitudes related to entrepreneurship.




Suvi - the promoter of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes

Suvi's strengths include customer insight acquisition and product/service development as well as promoting entrepreneurial skills, abilities and attitudes.

Customer centricity
Service design

Suvi creates customer understanding

With experience both as an occupational therapist working for a company and as an entrepreneur, Suvi has experience in developing services particularly in the social and health sector.

  Suvi can help you to gain and utilise customer insights to develop products and services.

Find out more about Suvi's expertise and see how Suvi can help you on your entrepreneurial journey!

What has been Suvi's greatest lesson in entrepreneurship?

"To have courage to explore unknown paths as they may reveal unexpected opportunities." 

What is Suvi's superpower?

"A genuine interaction. I try to meet people genuinely and listen/understand their needs, helping them to find solutions."




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Suvi Salminen