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8.4.-19.4.2024 Funding coaching

Funding coaching for all growth-oriented businesses and business idea teams in the Jyväskylä area starts 8th April 2024!

A growth-oriented business idea almost always needs external financing in the initial stage.

Financers assess aspects such as:

  • the company’s business idea
  • the business plan and the team’s competence
  • the financial calculations and the need for financing.

In turn, the company must:

  • understand different financing options and the goals of different investors
  • be able to present a good and comprehensive investment pitch
  • be prepared to answer investors’ typical questions
  • maintain the company’s financing eligibility.


Setting sights on the Funding coaching!

After our funding coaching, you will have a better understanding of the implementation of a financing round and an opportunity to apply for the Financing Panel.

At the Startup Factory, we use the Financing Panel event as a tool for networking growth companies with financers and improving companies’ financing eligibility.

The Financing Panel is an opportunity for growth-oriented companies and business idea teams in need of financing to test their own financing eligibility. At the same time, the team receives valuable feedback and development suggestions regarding their business idea. In other words, the event is an excellent place for creating contacts with financers and investors. The Financing Panel is not an entertainment event in the style of Dragons’ Den, nor are investment decisions made there.

The Financing Panel is owned and operated by Venture Development Finland. The Startup Factory is a proud organizing partner in the event.


Financing Panel coaching modules:

  • 8.4.2024 at 12-14 - Coaching session 1: Investment panel coaching kick off: What is the programme about?
    How to prepare for a financing round? Financing Panel pitch structure; what aspects are brought up in the presentation? 20/80 questions
  • 11.4.2024 at 12-14 - Coaching session 2. Financing options
    What financing options are there? Financing plan and financing options. We will go through 40/80 questions regarding financing
  • 17.4.2024 at 12-14 - Coaching session 3.
    At what stage will a business angel / capital investor become involved? What are venture capitalists seeking? 60/80 questions
  • 19.4.2024 at 12-14 - Coaching session 4.
    How to prepare for the due diligence stage? How to develop the company’s financing eligibility? 80/80 questions


By participating in the Funding coaching:

  • The key personnel of companies receive an understanding of the big picture related to implementing a financing round.
  • The participants will receive a concrete process for preparing for the Financing Panel.
  • Clients of the Startup Factory can complement their Financing Panel preparation coaching with their own coach.
  • The companies selected for the Financing Panel will receive assessments of the feasibility of their financing plan, the quality of their pitch and their business idea.

This coaching does not provide:

  • financing or investment decisions
  • contact lists with investors or financers
  • participation help for negotiations from Startup Factory coaches.

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